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Paperwork Checklist

See the most common documents that will be requested for loan approval.

Whether you’re getting ready to purchase a new home or thinking of refinancing, you’ll need to gather some standard income and asset documentation to submit with your loan application.  Our online application will prompt you to upload most documents after you’ve finished filling out the form.

In some cases we may not need your pay stubs or W2s if income can be verified electronically.

The lists below are not all-inclusive, and underwriting may request more paperwork as needed throughout the process.  While we’ll attempt to request as much information upfront to avoid surprises, some things are only revealed further into the loan process.  A brief phone call or consultation is always appreciated upfront to explain your scenario. 




Different income types, inconsistent income, frequent job changes, or employment gaps may require more documentation.


We will need to document the source of funds being used for your down payment, closing costs, and reserves, if applicable.


Photo ID will be required on all transactions.

Real Estate Owned

Documentation for all other real estate owned will be required, including any properties where you’ve co-signed a loan.


These items are some of the more common misc. documentation requests, and only needed in some scenarios.