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Down Payment Assistance in California

With home prices and interest rates rising, it may make sense to buy a home sooner rather than later.  If you don’t have funds saved for a down payment, but you have a stable income and good credit, a down payment assistance program can help you become a homeowner.  

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VA loans and USDA loans are two loans that provide 100% financing, but aren't considered down payment assistance. If you have served in the military OR are buying a home in a rural area, a VA or USDA loan may be a better option for 100% financing.


We offer CalHFA government and conventional loans with down payment assistance.  This program is available throughout the state of California.  You may be eligible for down payment assistance of the full 3% down payment on conventional loans, or 3.5% on FHA loans.

High balance loans are allowed on this program for higher cost areas.

Repayment is required when you sell or refinance the property.

The CalHFA programs have income limits, but they are quite generous in most areas.  See the chart below.  We only need to include qualifying income of borrowers on the loan.  For example, if you are a married couple and only one spouse will be applying for the loan, we only need to ensure that the qualifying income of that spouse is below these limits.     

CALHFA Down Payment Assistance Program Income Limits for 2022

Please be aware that these down payment assistance programs are not available in our Instant Rate Quotes pricing tool.  To request a quote for down payment assistance, please contact us directly.  We will need a full application to determine which program is best.